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On April,15 2008 the NZ METSERVICE Bureau issued an extreme weather event warning for the Far North Region of NZ's North Island.

This is a sound recording only taken of that extreme event.

The purpose for placing this video on YouTube was for SOUND reason's of Thunder only, LISTEN.

The timing was wonderful and I was glad to be in the right place at the right time to record the sound event, AWE some.

Read more of this shocking, extreme weather event - April, 2008 || Weather Watch Website.

Severe Thunderstorm Alert

New Zealand Weather Forecast
METVUW - James McGregor

Metvuw website great weather images submitted by its readership. Awesome website.


UPDATE: Wednesday, 1 July 2009

METSERVICE NEW ZEALAND - Severe Thunderstorm Warning Service

International - Weather Link

JetStream - National Weather Service Online Weather School

Jetstream designed to help educators, emergency managers, or anyone interested in learning about weather and weather safety.

May update 2009:


For the many who have written and sent me e-mails regarding this video since I placed it online - Thank you for your correspondence.

I am going to answer the most common questions people write and ask most often about this video clip.

Q: Is the sound recording of Thunder real?

Reply: Yes, real naturally.

Q: Is the sound recording of Thunder on the video clip an audio effect I created ?

Reply: No, I did not create the sound - it is nature's own shock WAVE - a natural recording of a severe and extreme weather event that happened in NZ.

When you listen to the video clip you will hear the rain, the wind.

Q: Why is the sound recording of Thunder so loud? low?

Reply: I'm not a weather expert, however, I do like the study of weather. I include a link to the NOAA website for furthur reading on-

The Sound of Thunder

In closing the original footage ( 4min +secs ) was recorded and captured on a digital camera.

Three AWE some sound clips of Thunder in and from the original footage was taken out, edited and used to create the 42 sec video here on YouTube. The sound was looped twice in video for playback.

Q: I would like to post and leave a comment on your channel, but, you have disabled comments, why?

Reply: Health really, I am not online much these days and it is extremely tiring not to mention exhausting to be on or at this computer for to long.


I do not hold any copyright to the great image used in my video, this image rightfully belong's to its respective owner. No copyright infringement is intended.

I can only take credit for the sound recording, artistic arrangement and editing of this video created purely for educational purposes only.


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