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Wifi Battle #21: versus Lucariomaster675

This is a battle between me and Lucariomaster675 from the Marriland Forums. Pretty good match on my part since his team had a lot of things that I couldn't fend off too well and I was able to work around it. I'm also glad that the experimental Gengar I used worked out very well. I was also pretty surprised by his variant of the Special Attacking Tyranitar/Tyraniboah set. And I just discovered that he's a hacker as well.

Despite my two big mistakes, this team played so well, but the victory was soured by my opponent. He went and argued about how he could have won based off of a misclick. That's fine, but then he goes and acts like a sore loser about it. Instead of letting it be, he decided to insult me and post other threads that "luck hax" was the main reason why he lost. Because that's maturity at it's finest right there. And I'm sure everyone else on the forums gives a damn as well.

Speaking of luck hax, I don't even know where I got luck hax in this game. Possibly the critical against his Infernape, but that wasn't luck at all. Nasty Plot Flamethrower + 31 Sp.ATK IV + Blaze against a frail Infernape = One dead monkey. Critical or no Critical.

I really hate how this was probably one of my best battles, but the attitude of my opponent really took away a lot of the glory that came with a well-earned win. One rotting apple spoils the barrel, so to speak.

Let this be a clear lesson that you should really leave your ego at the door when you play these games. And if you're going to argue, you shouldn't resort to using insults. It only makes yourself look foolish and immature. Not only that, it weakens your argument.

Ultimately, petty arguments over something as trivial as a Pokemon battle tend to really spoil the gaming experience. People make mistakes. You don't win every battle. Live with it.

After this miserable experience, I think it's time to me to leave the Marriland Forums. I had five battles yesterday and three of them disconnected on me. There's too many of those and too many sore losers here. Marriland Forums is really starting to turn into the next Serebii.

1) Story of the Year - And The Hero Will Drown
2) Del the Funky Homosapien - If You Must
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