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Pokémon Pearl - Catching Cresselia

Ok, this is my first video of recording Pokémon on my DS. The sound was sloppy and disgusting, not loud but horribly powerful, I had to lower the volume to get a bit more better sound from it, meaning you may need to turn up your volume just a bit, or a lot!

So yeah, my brother got Diamond Version yesterday and he was talking about legends and said "I bet you've got Mesprit" and I thought, "Actually, I have'nt" so that made me want to go out and catch those two roaming Pokémon ; Cresselia and Mesprit.
I caught all my legends on Pearl with Pokéballs, bear in mind you MAY have seen a Deoxys in the PC box's, that is not mine it was traded, I am not sure if it is legit and either way, I don't really care about it, neither do I with the Celebi, if you want 'em, just ask.
I called the Cresselia "NoStatus:P" 'cause I caught it... wiithout a status! I am now attempting to catch Mesprit. I will record and upload! I am not offering any of my Pokémon in my boxes other than the previously mentioned, Deoxys and Celebi (both in Pokéballs).
It is weird though, although Mesprit has a SLEEP problem and low on HP, I would of thought Mesprit would be easier, in this case, wrong! Cresselia was lower on HP though and after catching Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza all in Pokéballs in Emerald, I am starting to think that the lower the health, the easier the capture, not just having a Pokémon's health on the red line.
Well anyway, enough of my blabbing, enjoy the video and I'm off to get my cheese on toast =D
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