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Bella/Edward - Taking Over me - New moon

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Bella would do anything for Edward. Including believing that Edward was real.

0:46 - "I'm not making this up"
1:56 - bella screaming because Edward isn't there.
2:31 - 2:42 - These clips represent her not fitting in with her friends anymore.

This video shows(Not in this order) Edward leaving, Bella thinking about Edward, Bella's "zombie stage", Bella and Edward's past, Bella thinking she's going crazy, Bella choosing Edward over Jacob "I'll give up everything just to find you"(When she goes to save Edward), Bella seeing(In the book she hears him)Edward but hes not really there, Bella running to save Edward, and Bella saving Edward.

Song: Taking over me by Evanescence
Program: Sony vegas
Pair: Bella/Edward
Clips: Harry potter and the goblet of fire
The Haunted Airman
Into the wild
The messengers
Blood and Chocolate
In the land of Women
The covenant
Twilight teaser trailer
twilight behind the scenes
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