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Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls) - I'm Smiling (내가 웃고 있어요) - Male (Duet) Cover [Eng SUB]





translations by: crazystacyyyyy@soompi forums~

~About the song~
I came across this song which also was paired with the official instrumental of the Brown Eyed Girls (BEG)'s 2nd album =]
Does the intro remind anyone else of a Disney song? haha ^~^
But anyway the song itself is wonderfully sung by Ga-In~
I thought of the idea of just making it a Duet instead of just flat out cover the song.

~About the cover~
Since I decided to make it a duet, it took a bit of time planning who sings what and also cutting and pasting the instrumental to the original song to make it match and make space for my parts~
The pitch was raised by half a step so it's not too low for my part (which would be a bit weird). But that's why her voice sounds a bit brighter~
I think in the end it fits well? no idea ~
Aside from the verses and some divided choruses, I did a lot of harmonization with Ga-In's many parts.
It's all too common now haha. =]

~About the video~
I know it's been a while since I made a video of me singing T_T
I thought it'd be a neat idea and a good opportunity to make this one one of those =]
So I recorded myself and found a clip of Ga-In singing this song (luckily~), put the two together using Screenflow (my first time learning to use this T_T), and here is the finished product!!
I wanted to make it feel like we were really singing together. haha
I hope it will keep you entertained and will be a good treat for you guys ^~^

The song and photos do not belong to me.

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