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This girl is different, SHE'S GOT A PACKAGE!

Interview with a transgender porn star! Vo D' Balm sent me this letter and I want to share it with you guys: Hi, I noticed that the show already has almost 10,000 hits (views) and I also noticed all the negative comments from men and other straight audience in general and the passionate comments they make about me and what I explained are just outrageous and hilarious! I must admit, I had to laugh and realized how ignorant and how badly all these people need a serious education about us the third sex (transgender or transsexual sex). If and when you are ready to do a more adult and more serious (DOCUMENTARY) about this same topic, please let me know because I would love to educate them all about this subject. There are so many things these people ignore about being transgender and I think they need to know so they are able to understand it and comprehend it. They DON'T have to like me, but they do need a better inside to better understand it. This is a matter that has been around since B.C (Before Christ) and they are still that ignorant? LOL I noticed half of the audience is on my side and other half is hating on me big time. hehehe!! Anyway, I am glad that the video turned out to be popular and intense. The response has been rather intense and passionate and let's face it. All those who commented in a negative way, those are all men who feel extremely "CHALLENGED" and intimidated by my sexuality and beauty and they all doubt they'll actually resist my physical beauty and femininity if left alone with me, but its ok. Its a matter of educating them slowly and making them understand. I had a great time in the interview and I enjoy all the comments made by your audience as I DO NOT take anything personal. Instead, they all amuse me in a more intellectual way and encourage me to keep being ME! lol Ok, let me know if and when you are ready for a true Documentary. Ciao and take care! Vo D'Balm LINKS: ===== 2nd CHANNEL - BARTENDING CHANNEL - GOOGLE PLUS: FACEBOOK TWITTER T-SHIRT:
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