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Five minutes of white noise.

Protip - i HATE virtuoso guitarists. They are paraded on a musical pedestal for making an obscenely unlistenable racket, devoid of any soul or emotion. I love guitar solos when they add to the dimension or texture of a song and have some form of passion in them, but NOT when they are implimented purely for the sake of flamboyancy or technical wizardry, wielding only a 'notes per second' quality. This is pointless.

I hereby suggest that this video replace every Yngwie Malmsteen video, every John Petrucci video and every Micheal Angelo Batio video on youtube - Because it is more entertaining and equally as musical.

I just KNOW i'm going to get lots of comments from disgruntled shredheads claiming that i made this video out of jealousy for their 'abilities' so READ THIS if you want to comment - and let me say this now - I AM NOT JEALOUS! I made this video to show my contempt for the utter blandness, uninspiring techniques of so called virtuosos whose styles have no variation, no definition and no distingquishing qualities.

For the record, my gripe is less with technicality and more with speed/egotism through music. I can think of many technical guitarists who are interesting to listen to (Ben Weinmann from The Dillinger Escape Plan being one of many) because they fuse the technical elements with more sparse/sporadic/melodic patches without doing the same old boring sweep picked arpeggios at 300bpm...
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