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Resident Evil 4 (PC) - Burly Brawl 4 - Mine Cart Madness

Leon vs Countless Ganados during the mine cart ride.

This isn't too far after the Burly Brawl 3 movie location, where you battle the two chainsaw weilding maniacs on the way to the mine cart area. During this ride you can also face off with two more - However, out of force of habit I shot the first one off the platform so that he'd be crushed by the carts - Decided to let the 2nd one jump in for the ride seeing as I took the easy way out with the first one.

Sadly this is the 'least brawlish' of the four movies, seeing as the Red9 managed to pull off a severely nasty string of critical headshots, leaving no real enemies to kick - My theory is that the Ganados may have been scripted to take less damage seeing as there's so many of them during this encounter. Still, it saved a tonne of ammo, which is the whole point of brawling. I remember the time I came to this point when I played RE4 normal campaign mode the first time a month back - Used the shotgun through the whole thing - Guess this is a big improvement.

== By Burly Brawl (Something that I pilfered from the Matrix Reloaded) I mean fighting multiple enemies with intent to save ammo by wearing them down with special moves rather than weaponry.

When I first played RE4 I found myself lacking ammo and healing throughout the campaign as I never knew any tricks or how to conserve ammo properly (ie. used any weapon I had to kill enemies, even when all it could have taken was a pistol bullet to the face / swing of the knife).

Thanks to playing Mercenaries so much, I've learned how to handle myself better and preserve ammo by only relying on the handgun, special attacks (ie. melee attacks used on stunned opponents) and the knife.

Currently sailing through the campaign the second time, with plenty of ammo for all weapons saved up for bosses while I just use the Red9 (Instead of the regular handgun) to kill everything on the way. ==

EU PC Version.
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