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Metallica-Master of Puppets Interlude & Solo (Guitar Cover)

I'm playing along to the middle section of "Metallica - Master of Puppets", including the solos. At the time I recorded this video, I didn't have the tremolo bar for the Floyd Rose system, so I used pinch harmonics and bends for the squealie part of the solo. (I have since acquired a new tremolo bar.)

I have received many comments about the first part of the interlude being played "too high". People making such comments don't realize that this part is a dual guitar harmony. James and Kirk each play a separate melody (one high and one low) to produce a very nice harmony. On the studio album, the high part of the harmony is much lower in the mix, hence the reason it sounds a bit strange when I play it in this video. However, if you listen to any live version of the song you will clearly hear this. If you still don't believe me, I have cut out a small audio clip of their performance with the SF orchestra and isolated Kirk's harmony part. Check out the link and hear it for yourself:

(Note: They have tuned down for this performance--it's not in E standard)

Audio was directly recorded to my computer using output from a Line 6 POD. Guitar is an ESP KH-2. Enjoy!

For information on my playing, gear, recording method, and some of the tabs I've written for my videos, please visit my website:
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