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EMG, EMG-X, and Blackout Pickup Demos by Armand

Another off-the-cuff video by Armand. By popular inquiry I have made this video. Feel free to ask questions!

I feel the Duncan Blackouts are the best pickup for versatility, the EMG's do a better "jazz guitar" type clean, and the the EMG-X's bridge the tonal differences between the EMG and Blackout sound. The Duncan blackouts sound alot better for the shredding and are a bit better about frequency responses, however the EMG's do better for simple chugging. By simple chugging, I mean that anything more than simple power chords will be indistinguishable. Essentially that would mean the blackouts would be better overall. Did I mention the Blackouts are cheaper?

The blackouts don't sound sterile (as regular EMG's do) and they sound just plain amazing in low tunings. Clarity is not compromised as you tune lower. Take note when I play low on the 7 string.

The blackouts CANNOT be double-battery loaded like the EMG's can (for 18V circuits), which can be a negative if its something you like to do to your pickups.

I will say that I'm disappointed in the video. I did it off the cuff, and I had a block in my head that really wouldn't allow me to think of good riffs to play to show the pickups off. Usually I just go into "killzone mode" whenever I swap to the neck pickup. Also, clean and chorded riffs are not my strongpoint at all. My apologies.

The gear:
EVH 5150 III half stack
USA Jackson KV2 w/Blackouts
Schecter C7 Blackjack w/Blackouts
Jackson SLSMG w/EMG-X
Schecter Hellraiser C1FR w/EMG 85/81

The website I maintain and store I work for:

Recorded on a DXG HD camcorder and an Audix i5 mic.
Made to look as crappy as possible with Windows Movie Maker.
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