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Febby - Hourglass - Lamb Of God Drum Cover

Follow me on twitter @visualgroove (for tweets in English) or @febbytan (for Indonesian fellas)! ------ This is my first video with my nu drums, the Sonor 3005 full maple ;) Chris Adler is an amazing drummer I have to say. So, learning this song needs big time effort. But it turns out to be fun at the end :) I use my old Sony dynamic microphone for karaoke (?), plugged in to Zoom 606 guitar FX (bypassed), and placed in front of the drums 10 cm above the bass drum. As you can hear at the beginning, I compress the drum part of the original song. Basicly I cut the bass off and make the sound of the drums to be 'not really punchy'. So I can put my drums over it and they're easily merged. In the whole video, all you can hear is my drums :) DRUMS SETUP: Sonor Force 3005, with Evans Emad on bass drum, Evans genera HD Dry on snare. Yamaha Flying Dragon DFP-9410 double pedal. CYMBAL SETUP: Paiste Alpha Thin Crash 16" Paiste PST5 Medium Crash 16" Paiste Alpha Medium Hi-Hat 14" Paiste Alpha Power Ride 20" Paiste Noise Works Trash Set 12"/16" Paiste 502 Splash 10" Stagg SH China 16" DRUMSTICK Vic Firth Rock Maple SD2 Cheers guys. Thanks for watching. ------------------------------ Hourglass from the album Ashes of The Wake by Lamb Of is copyrighted from it's own respectful owner.
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